Template - Behavioural Based Observation Card

Template - Behavioural Based Observation Card

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Behavior-based safety is an approach that equips managers with the processes and tools to use behavioral data for eliminating unsafe behaviors and promoting safe ones. If your workplace is experiencing a high number of incidents or near misses, our BBO template is an invaluable resource to observe and reinforce worker behaviors.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Observation: The card includes sections for identifying unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, positive behaviors, near misses, compliance, and adherence to rules/procedures.
  • Detailed Checklist: A behavioral-based observation checklist helps ensure thorough observation of personal protective equipment (PPE), body positioning, tools and equipment usage, WHMIS compliance, and housekeeping.
  • Structured Documentation: Record the date, time, location, work observed, detailed descriptions of observations, interventions taken, and positive behaviors noted.
  • Intervention and Feedback: Document any interventions made during the observation and provide positive feedback to reinforce safe behaviors.
  • Easy Reporting: Report findings to the supervisor before the end of the shift with an easy sign-off section for both the observer and the worker.


  • Improved Safety Culture: Promotes a proactive safety culture by focusing on behaviors that lead to a safer workplace.
  • Enhanced Communication: Bridges the gap between management and workers, fostering better communication and collaboration.
  • Actionable Insights: Provides actionable insights to eliminate unsafe behaviors and reinforce positive ones.
  • Convenient and Accessible: The BBO card is fillable on both computers and phones, making it easy to use in the field. Instructions are included on the card for ease of use.

How to Use:

  1. Prepare: Inform workers that observations will take place and explain the purpose of the BBO process.
  2. Observe: Use the card to observe workers, noting unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, and positive behaviors.
  3. Intervene and Record: Document any unsafe behaviors and intervene if necessary. Record positive behaviors to reinforce them.
  4. Report: Complete the observation card and report your findings to the supervisor before the end of the shift.
  5. Review and Act: Use the data collected to address unsafe behaviors and promote a safer working environment.

Ensure a safer workplace by using our Behavioral Based Observation Card to systematically observe and enhance worker behaviors. Available now on Safety Doc Shop for just $9.99.

Equip your team with this essential tool to improve safety practices and build a stronger safety culture in your workplace.