Daily - Drug and Alcohol Review

Daily - Drug and Alcohol Review

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This Drug and Alcohol Policy, available as a downloadable template from Safety Doc Shop, is based on the Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace, a best practice for industry leaders. This policy ensures a safe workplace for all employees while safeguarding employers against human rights issues.

The importance of this Drug and Alcohol Policy includes:

  1. Workplace Safety: Ensures a safe environment by preventing accidents and incidents related to substance abuse.
  2. Compliance with Best Practices: Aligns with the Canadian Model, a recognized industry standard, demonstrating a commitment to high safety standards.
  3. Legal Protection: Protects employers from potential human rights violations by clearly outlining acceptable behavior and consequences.
  4. Employee Well-Being: Supports the health and well-being of employees by addressing substance abuse proactively.
  5. Enhanced Productivity: Reduces the risk of impaired performance, leading to higher productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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