Hazard Assessment - Use of WHMIS Products

Hazard Assessment - Use of WHMIS Products

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Accompany this hazard assessment with our WHMIS program and WHMIS daily toolbox talk to ensure compliance with the legislated requirements when dealing with any controlled hazardous chemical. A hazardous chemical can be as simple as a cleaning solution or even hair dye for example. 

Under legislation, employee's have the right to know about the workplace hazards they are expected to encounter. All work site parties must have basic hazard information to ensure a healthy and safe workplace. Completing and reviewing hazard assessments on a regular basis is the best way to ensure compliance with this legislation. 

It's important for companies to consider the following to ensure workplace safety and compliance:

  1. Comprehensive Hazard Management: Combining the hazard assessment with our WHMIS program and WHMIS daily toolbox talk ensures that all aspects of hazardous chemical management are covered, from identification to safe handling practices.

  2. Legislative Compliance: Compliance with legislated requirements protects the company from legal issues and fines. WHMIS training is mandatory for handling controlled hazardous chemicals, which can include everyday items like cleaning solutions or hair dye.

  3. Employee Right to Know: Employees are legally entitled to know about potential workplace hazards. Providing thorough hazard information empowers them to work safely and responsibly.

  4. Regular Reviews: Completing and reviewing hazard assessments regularly keeps safety practices current and effective, addressing new hazards as they arise.

  5. Safe Workplace Environment: Ensuring all worksite parties have basic hazard information promotes a healthy and safe workplace, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Downloading our SDS document helps companies effectively manage these aspects, ensuring compliance and enhancing workplace safety.

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