Hazard Assessment - Operating Equipment

Hazard Assessment - Operating Equipment

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This hazard assessment identifies tasks, risks, hazards and associated controls with all tasks that an equipment operator might face. Its general enough that it can work for multiple types of equipment including skid steer, boom truck and an excavator.  

Under legislation, employee's have the right to know about the workplace hazards they are expected to encounter. All work site parties must have basic hazard information to ensure a healthy and safe workplace. Completing and reviewing hazard assessments on a regular basis is the best way to ensure compliance with this legislation. 

The points outlined in the hazard assessment are crucial because:

  1. Safety Coverage: Identifies risks and controls for various equipment, ensuring comprehensive safety.
  2. Legal Compliance: Meets legislative requirements, avoiding legal issues and fines.
  3. Informed Workforce: Empowers workers with essential hazard information for safer decisions.
  4. Ongoing Improvement: Regular reviews keep safety standards up-to-date and address new risks.
  5. Safety Culture: Promotes a commitment to health and safety, fostering a safer work environment.