Monthly - Harrassment & Bullying

Monthly - Harrassment & Bullying

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This monthly checklist focuses on preventing and addressing harassment and bullying in the workplace. Designed with a clear and user-friendly layout, it ensures that all necessary checks and actions are performed consistently. The checklist includes a sign-off section for accountability, ensuring that all participants are committed to maintaining a safe and respectful work environment.

Key Features:

  • Focus on Harassment and Bullying Prevention: Centralizes efforts on identifying, preventing, and addressing harassment and bullying, emphasizing the importance of a respectful workplace.
  • User-Friendly Layout: The checklist is designed to be easy to navigate, making it straightforward to follow and complete all necessary tasks.
  • Accountability Sign-Off: Includes a dedicated section for employees and supervisors to sign off, confirming that all items on the checklist have been reviewed and addressed.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Outlines key actions such as conducting employee surveys, reviewing incident reports, ensuring training is up-to-date, and providing support resources.
  • Engaging Format: Uses clear headings, bullet points, and visual aids to keep the checklist engaging and easy to follow.


  • Ensures Compliance: Helps meet occupational health and safety standards by providing documented evidence of regular checks and actions against harassment and bullying.
  • Enhances Awareness: Keeps the issue of harassment and bullying at the forefront of employees' minds, promoting a culture of respect and inclusion.
  • Promotes Accountability: The sign-off section holds employees and supervisors accountable for their participation and commitment to addressing these issues.
  • Supports a Positive Workplace Culture: Regular checks reinforce a culture of respect and zero tolerance for harassment and bullying, encouraging ongoing vigilance and adherence to best practices.