Policy - Subcontractor Management

Policy - Subcontractor Management

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This policy outlines the procedures and processes for managing subcontractors and visitors in your workplace. As an employer, you have a legislated responsibility to protect the health and safety of everyone who comes into contact with your workspace. This is a COR requirement, ensuring that your company adheres to safety regulations and maintains a safe environment for all.

Key Features:

  • Commitment to Safety: (Insert Company Name Here) is dedicated to the ongoing health, safety, and wellbeing of all employees, subcontractors, visitors, and the public.
  • Access Control: Limits access to work sites for the public and visitors as much as reasonably practicable. If access is required, measures will be taken to mitigate any potential hazards.
  • Visitor Orientation: All visitors and public members who enter the worksite will complete a visitor orientation before gaining access, ensuring they are aware of specific and general safety rules.

How to Use:

  1. Implement Procedures: Follow the outlined procedures for managing subcontractors and visitors.
  2. Conduct Orientations: Ensure all visitors complete the visitor orientation and are informed of safety rules.
  3. Monitor Compliance: Regularly review and update the policy to ensure ongoing compliance and safety.

Implement this Subcontractor Management Policy to maintain a safe and compliant work environment, ensuring the health and safety of all who come into contact with your workspace