Template - Mentorship Program

Template - Mentorship Program

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Legislation emphasizes the importance of having competent workers, and the best way to demonstrate competency is through thorough documentation. Our mentorship program checklists are designed to provide documented proof of your workers' competence, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Training Checklists: Detailed checklists covering essential safety procedures, daily hazard assessments, safe job procedures, incident reporting, and safety meeting participation.
  • Verification Process: Each checklist includes a verification step to ensure workers have demonstrated their understanding through practical demonstration or verbal explanation.
  • Documentation of Competency: Keep a record of training dates, trainer and mentor initials, and verification dates to maintain thorough documentation of worker competency.

Why This Document is Essential:

  • Ensures Compliance: Meet legal requirements by documenting the training and verification of your workers' competency.
  • Promotes Safety: By ensuring all workers are adequately trained and competent, you promote a safer work environment.
  • Efficient Record-Keeping: Streamline the process of tracking training and competency with organized and easy-to-use checklists.

Definition of a Competent Worker:

A competent worker is defined as someone who is "adequately qualified, suitably trained, and with sufficient experience to safely perform work without direct supervision or with only a minimal degree of supervision."

Checklist Items Include:

  1. The General Safety Procedures on Site: Training and verifying understanding of basic safety rules, workers' rights, fit for duty, training requirements, and PPE.
  2. Daily Hazard Assessment and Inspection Forms: Training on completing daily hazard assessments and verifying through form reviews.
  3. Safe Job Procedure: Reviewing and verifying understanding of SOPs/SWPs, SDS binder, safety manual, and OHS legislation.
  4. Incident & Injury Reporting: Training on company rules for reporting incidents and verifying understanding through questions.
  5. Safety Meeting Participation: Explaining meeting expectations and verifying active participation.

How to Use:

  1. Training: Use the checklists to provide comprehensive training on safety procedures and protocols.
  2. Verification: Verify each worker's understanding through demonstrations or verbal explanations.
  3. Documentation: Record the training and verification details to maintain proof of competency.

Ensure your workers are competent and compliant with our Mentorship Program Document. Available now on Safety Doc Shop for just $9.99.

Invest in this essential tool to document and prove the competency of your workforce, promoting a safe and compliant workplace.