Our ABC Core Values

Posted by Cori Alfreds on

Accessible. Budget-friendly. Clear.

We live by these three core values to ensure that you, our valued customer, get exactly what you need to set your company up for success.

This is our promise. We will always abide by these values. We ensure that each customer has the tools they need to run an effective safety program.

We've done the heavy lifting by creating these docs so that you can focus on what your company does best - while staying compliant and keeping your people and environment safe.

Let's look at these values in more detail:

Accessible: Safety needs to be readily available to all - at your fingertips

Safety doesn't belong to one person, and it needs to be accessible to everyone on site. By creating a comprehensive safety doc system, anyone can easily find what they need to meet compliance.

Budget-friendly: Our docs don't break the bank - safety is the law, and it must be affordable

We want every company to have the tools they need to keep their people safe, which means that these tools must be affordable. Expense should never be an excuse to run a poor safety program, and we help make sure it never has to be.

Clear: Our docs meet specific legal requirements without being confusing and unreadable

We want everyone reading the documents to know exactly how to use them and what they're signing. Task-specific, each document was built according to OHS legislation. They were designed to reduce time spent in the office by clearly laying out precisely what is needed to be compliant. 

Final words:

We hope you enjoy working with our documents. Please check back frequently as we continue to build our library. If you have any suggestions, requests, or want to share a success story, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We love hearing from our customers and appreciate the feedback.

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